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Multiscreen live cinema editing

Juanjo Fernàndez Rivero

This summer Gnomalab will come to share with us more than his 20 years experience about live visuals and multiscreen live cinema editing. 

Multiscreen live cinema editing allows multimedia and audience to rethink the film itself as an immersive experience. This is a live playful mode of editing, since the audience can choose what screen to focus and it can creativity be altered and interact with the film, space, sound and watchers. The main goal of this masterclass is to create and explore new fictional paths and infinite editing capabilities with the same raw footage.

Gnomalab presents a masterclass, within the Kino Tarragonik collaborative meeting workshop, that breaks the lineal usual editing and splits it into pieces. Giving freedom for live editing within the shortfilm. New narrative ways will be experimented and taking part in the same moment of its own development. Gnomalab offers the possibility of dividing no lineal editing and transform the classic cinema editing to multi screen live edit, and strengthen its path and involving the audience and story line.


 Juanjo Fernández Rivero is a visual artist and musician afterwords, teaching workshops, masterclasses and organizing meetups, a prolific VJ former member of Suicide of Western Culture who has been creating live visuals going on 20 years. Some of his work:


Juanjo Fernàndez Rivero (better known as Gnomalab) has contributed enormously to the VJ world, offline and online. Collaborating in VJ Spain and other organizations. Guiding workshops, networkings … A consolidated visual artist, he has been a member of Suicide of Western Culture and creator of live visuals for 20 years. Passing through major festivals such as Sonar, LEV or Ibiza Light Show.
Gnomalab presents within Kino Tarragonik, the possibility of breaking the linear edition and dividing it by parts. It gives you the freedom to edit your own short film live, experimenting with new forms of narrative and intervening in the same moment the development of the short, and interacting with the audience that is witnessing that at that moment. Also, within the submersion that this technique offers, Gnomalab raises the possibility of dividing this non-linear edition into 3 screens, to reinforce the trip and the participation of both the audience and the argument itself.
Juanjo Fernàndez Rivero ( más conocido como Gnomalab) ha contribuido enormemente al mundo VJ, offline y online. Colaborando en VJ Spain y otras organizaciones. Guiando workshops, networkings…Un artista visual consolidado, ha sido miembro de Suicide of Western Culture y creador de visuales en directo por 20 años. Pasando por grandes festivales como Sonar, LEV, Ibiza Light Show,
Gnomalab presenta dentro de Kino Tarragonik, la posibilidad de romper con la edición lineal y dividirlo por partes. Porque te da la libertad de editar en directo el propio cortometraje, experimentando nuevas formas de narrativa y intervenir en ese mismo instante el desarrollo del corto, y a interactuar con la audiencia que está presenciando eso en ese mismo momento. Asimismo, dentro de la sumersión que esta técnica ofrece, Gnomalab plantea la posibilidad de dividir esta edición no lineal en 3 pantallas, para reforzar el viaje y la participación tanto del público como del propio argumento.


”Creative Sound and Music”

Welcome to learn basics about movie sound and music at Kino Tarragonik festival! I will be teaching the basics for composing creative sound with a computer (Ableton Live), basic skills for sound editing, creative compositional thinking and some tips for working with the film production industy. I have a long history in electronic music, hiphop, alternative sound art and finnish pop music (Warner Music Finland). I’ve also done some film composition for shorts, documentaries and feature films. YLE (Finnish broadcasting company), Tuffi Films, Mouka Film and right now I’m doing pre-work for a feature film for Helsinki-Filmi. I’ve also read film studies and studied script writing. You don’t have to know anything about composition or sound to participate – everybody’s welcome! See you there!

– Julius Valve