Where? / How to get here

Kinolab: Visual Arts Center Lo Pati residence in the middle of the mindblowing landscape of Delta de l’Ebre in the South of Catalonia in a small town called «Balada». Between Amposta and Sant Jaume d’Enveja.

* We will asist you and help you as much as we can. Feel free to ask for help with all the bus or train tickets if you need to.

How to get to the Kino lab:

We will pick up all the kinoites who doesn’t have a car in Amposta BUS station. The kinolab is NOT in Amposta, it’s in a small town near by.  We will soon provide information about the time we will go there to pick you up (it will be 3 diferent times a day)

Pick up place: Amposta BUS station

How to get to Amposta:


  • option1 Barcelona airport -> Amposta bus station *best option
  • option2  Barcelona airport -> Barcelona city -> Amposta train station -> Amposta bus station
  • option3 Reus-Barcelona airport -> Amposta bus station

Pick up place: Amposta BUS station


Visit the web http://www.renfe.es The train station you have to look for is called:
Be aware that the train station is NOT the pick up place to go to the kinolab. When you arrive to the train station you have to take a bus or a taxi to go to Amposta BUS station.

Pick up place: Amposta BUS station

by CAR

There is a lot of space to park your car. If you come with a camping van, it’s ok too. Send us an email, we will tell you a place you can park, it’s very near to the kinolab. infotarragonik@gmail.com