Kino Tarragonik 25-28 June 2020

If you want to participate, please read this page carefully.

Join us to our 5th edition of Kino Tarragonik in Catalonia, 4 days with people from all over making shortfilms. If you are a director, an actor, an editor, a make up artist, a filmmaking JOIN US.

How it works?

The first day will be a production meeting, there you can share an idea and make a team in the spot, if you don’t have any idea, you can join the project you like the most. You can join as many projects as you want, just look out because the time is limited. Directors tend to focus on just one project, but a make up artist or a steadycam operator can work on some. Then your team has 4 days to film, edit and export a shortfilm before sunday evening when we will make a screening for everyone to see.

You can create, join any team and start your shortfilm


What do you need to know:

  • Prices
  • Schedule
  • Where? Information about how to arrive to the kino lab
  • Sleeping place Detailed information about accomodation


20 € Kino Tarragonik participation (with no accomodation)
What does include? Food and water everyday (5 days)

120 € Kino Tarragonik participation + 5 nights accomodation
What does include? Food and water everyday, 5 nights accomodation and transportation from Amposta bus station to the Kinolab

We will provide food and water everyday: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and water. The registration will be via bank transfer, you will recieve the information when you register.

*be aware the accomodation is limited so we recommend to be quick*


25 June 2020
10:00 Production meeting
28 June 2020
18:00 Screening


24 June 2020
18:00 pick up time at Amposta bus Station
21:00 pick up time at Amposta bus Sation

25 June 2020
9:00 pick up time at Amposta bus station

Please send us an email with your information and we can help you as much as possible to pick you up!