Kino Tarragonik (July 2021)

If you want to participate, please read this page carefully

Kino Tarragonik is our mind event, is you are interested you can check our other events. Kino Living (online version) and Lo Nostre Kino (our small and local version in February)

Due to the situation this year, we are working hard to offer this event safetly. We will explain all the mesures taken soon.

Join us in our six edition of Kino Tarragonik in Catalonia. 4 days with people around the world creating shortfilms. If you are a director, actor, actress, editor, make up artist, filmmaker,… JOIN US!

How it works?

The first day we will gather all together to meet each other. First of all, we will explain how everything works and some rules around the kinolab. We will plan all 4 days too. After the introduction everyone will introduse theirselfs and they will explain who are they, what the can do and what can they share. Then all the directos, wites or people with ideas will tell their projects (or just idea) to everyone and explain what they need (actors, computers, a director o maybe just need someone for help).

After this, people will decide which project wants to join and directors will look for the people they need. Kinoites will have the kinolab 24 hours to work there.

The shortfilm will have to be finished sunday evening so we can do a screening.

Thursday: Production meeting + preproduction


Friday and Saturday: Production


Sunday: postproduction + screening


What do you need to know?

  • Price (information soon)
  • Schechual (information soon)
  • Where? Information on how to get there
  • Sleeping place Information about the sleeping place we offer
  • Amposta Information about the place