Kino Living 2022

Join us to our 3n edition of Kino Living (online!) Meet new professionals and put your creative side to work!

We will open registration soon!

Join our Telegram Chanel for Kino Living 2022

Talk about your project or join any team!

If you have an idea feel free to pitch it with everybody. If you don’t, you can join any project you want (even more than one or two!) Show others what can you offer! (You can film anything in a big city, you can film nature shots, you are an amazing actor, you can edit anything or you can help organizating a big team of people!

Work together!

We will have diferent platforms so you can comunicate with all your team at all times. You will be in contact with Kino Tarragonik team all the time!

Create a shortfilm from people around the world!

You have a week to finish your film, we will do an online screening!

You don’t have any project/idea? Don’t worry we will propose some ideas the first day.
You can even work alone if that if what you want!

More information:

What platform are we going to use?

Telegram, google drive and Meetjit. Theses are the ones we are going to use to comunicate. Feel free to join the telegram group now!
Telegram chanel for information:
From there you can acces to the chat of Kino Living 2022. Please join!
Meet jit channel: (you can enter withour registration in your computer, if you want to use your mobile phone you need to download the app)

What is the schechule?

The first day we are going to meet each other (we will tell you the time soon). You will have a week to create a shortfilm!

Do I have to pay anything?

We have some options in case you are interested.
Teaming for monthly donation:
If you want to make a direct donation contact us!
Telegram: Associació Tarragonik (look for the admin Elisabeth)