Kino Tarragonik 2018 NO

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Do you want to experience the Kino Kabaret Community? Do you have special movie talents? Are you an actor? A director? Do you have an idea to make a short film but you don’t know how to make it? Cinematographer, sound designer, musicians, even make up artists are welcomed here!
Make your short film ideas to come true.


You can register here


  • 28th June.
    • 20:00 Dinner
    • 21:00 Wellcome party
  • 29th June Presentation and filming
    • 8:00 Breakfast
    • 10:00 Production meeting
    • 13:00 lunch
    • 20:30 Dinner
  • 30th July Filming
    • 8:00 Breakfast
    • 13:00 lunch
    • 20:30 Dinner
  • 1st July Editing, screening and party
    • 8:00 Breakfast
    • 13:00 lunch
    • 17:00 Deathline to finish the shortfilms
    • 19:00 Screening
    • 21:30 Dinner + Party1st July Editing, projection and party
  • 2nd July
    • 8:00 Breakfast

We will make the presentations in ******

Participation fee

15€ Participation fee with no accomodation
Your participation fee includes: Food and water
*You can pay via banc transfer or the same day.

Do you need acomodation? We offer these options for you

  • 90€ Kino Tarragonik participation fee + 4 nights accomodation
    • Check in: 28th June
    • Check out: 2nd July
  • 70€ Kino Tarragonik participation fee + 3 nights accomodation
    • Check in: 28th June
    • Check out: 30th June
  • 70€ Kino Tarragonik participation fee + 3 nights accomodation
    • Check in: 29 June
    • Check out: 2 June
  • 55€ Kino Tarragonik participation fee + 2 nights accomodation
    • Check in: 29 June
    • Check out: 30 June

The price includes: accomodation + participation fee + food + water.

Go to our section Where to know more about the place and the house.

*Be aware that your place in the house will not be confirmed until the banc tranfer is complete.


A Kino Kabaret is a place for filmmakers of all backgrounds to come together and make short films in new and even spontaneous international collaborations. It’s a project for making your ideas into films, help others make their films, to learn new skills while working with others, create your portfolio and an international contact network.

It is not a competition. The aim is to show the world what is possible when filmmakers have a freedom to follow their creativity. No waiting around. Do it NOW.

Kino Tarragonik will take part in the artictic residence of the Center of Visual Arts of Amposta “Lo Pati”, located in the middle of “Delta del Ebre”.



Contact us for any questions or comments:

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