Kino Tarragonik 2019

27, 28 , 29 & 30 June 2019, Amposta, Spain

Kino Tarragonik 2019

Kino Tarragonik is going to be from 27 to 30 of June 2019! Save the dates!

Join us to our 4th edition of Kino Tarragonik in Catalonia, 4 days with people from all over making shortfilms. If you are a director, an actor, an editor, a make up artist, a filmmaking or you just want to learn JOIN US.

The first day will be a production meeting, there you can share an idea and make a team in the spot, if you don’t have any idea, you can join the project you like the most. You can join as many projects as you want, just look out because the time is limited. Directors tend to focus on just one project, but a make up artist or a steadycam operator can work on some. Then your team has 3 days to film, edit and export a shortfilm before sunday evening when we will make a screening for everyone to see.


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This summer Gnomalab will come to share with us more than his 20 years experience about live visuals and multiscreen live cinema editing. 

Multiscreen live cinema editing allows multimedia and audience to rethink the film itself as an immersive experience. This is a live playful mode of editing, since the audience can choose what screen to focus and it can creativity be altered and interact with the film, space, sound and watchers. The main goal of this masterclass is to create and explore new fictional paths and infinite editing capabilities with the same raw footage.

Gnomalab presents a masterclass, within the Kino Tarragonik collaborative meeting workshop, that breaks the lineal usual editing and splits it into pieces. Giving freedom for live editing within the shortfilm. New narrative ways will be experimented and taking part in the same moment of its own development. Gnomalab offers the possibility of dividing no lineal editing and transform the classic cinema editing to multi screen live edit, and strengthen its path and involving the audience and story line.

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